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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Feb 7-11, 2023


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Double occupancy
($500 Deposit Required)
    4 NIGHT
    Single occupancy
    DELUXE-Private Bath-Tepee
    ($500 Deposit Required)
      4 NIGHT
      Single occupancy
      Ocean View Suite
      ($500 Deposit Required)
        Single occupancy
        4 Monthly Payments
          Double occupancy
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            Writers Camp

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            $500 Deposit
            $500 Deposit
            $500 Deposit
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            Where and when do we fly?
            The airport you fly into is Los Cabos International Airport, the airport code is SJD. Plan on arriving on Feb 5th and departing on Feb 9th. If you want to arrive earlier and/or stay later, you of course have that option, though you would then be responsible for your own transportation to/from Todos Santos, we are happy to assist you and provide recommendations. 

            Free private shuttles to the retreat:
            There will be TWO free private shuttles from the SJD airport direct the Retreat leaving at 2pm and 3:30pm on Feb 5th, and leaving the Retreat going to the SJD Airport on Feb 9th at 8:30am and 10:30am (travel time is typically 75-90 mins). Try to arrange your travel to arrive and depart to take advantage of the free transportation. If these times don't work for you we can help you arrange your own transportation to the retreat. 

            How do we find the shuttle at the airport?
            Your driver will be waiting for you outside the airport terminal. Please retrieve your luggage and then clear customs. As you are ready to exit the terminal take the right hand door to the public transportation area (groups exit), please exit the terminal towards the parking lot and look for your driver carrying a sign that reads WRITING RETREAT. 

            Do I need a passport?
            Yes, and be sure that your passport is not set to expire within 6 months of your travel dates. 

            Does the resort have internet and cell phone reception?
            It’s time to unplug! We know how important it is to stay connected, but try to use this time for yourself and as a brief respite from technology. There is limited service onsite. We do not guarantee internet and cell phone reception at Pachamama, however, our cell phones work just fine on the property. Contact your carrier before travel to verify rates and/or travel plans for Mexico.

            I’m concerned about booking travel with Covid-19 still being an issue. What is your cancellation policy?
            We understand your concern. Any deposits or payments made for this Retreat will be refunded in full if we are forced to cancel due to a pandemic or any other unforeseen issue. If our retreat is not impacted, but you become unable to travel, we will refund 100% of your deposit 90 days before the retreat. If you need to cancel after that point you will be refunded all payments made except your initial $500 deposit. For air travel, many airlines are now providing free cancellations or credits if you have to cancel your trip. You may also may want to investigate purchasing travel insurance for further peace of mind.

            I’m nervous about Mexico, is this area safe?
            Todos Santos is a small, artsy town on the Pacific coast, well away from the border and big cities of Mexico. We have family and friends who have lived in Todos Santos for over 20 years for a reason, they love it and consider it very safe and welcoming. Plus, you’ll be with us! So there is nothing to worry about.

            Should I bring cash? What currency?
            You may want cash for buying souvenirs or gifts, but you don’t necessarily need to exchange it. Many of the local vendors will negotiate prices in American dollars anyway. There are ATMs located in town if needed, and be sure to tell your bank your travel dates so they don’t put a freeze on your card.

            What should I bring?
            Keep it simple. No special equipment or clothing required. Sandals, clothes for 5 days, swim suit, sun glasses, personal items. We will provide bug spray, towels, and sunscreen. All of the rooms at Pachamama are stocked with soap, shampoo, and conditioner. This is a great opportunity to pack light! 

            Are genre writers welcome? What if I’m not published? 
            Though many writing exercises are geared toward memoir/personal essay, we find that genre and fiction writers have little trouble adapting those exercises to their current projects. Writers of all levels are welcome, both established and aspiring. 

            What if I have food allergies?
            No problem, our chefs can accommodate any allergies or dietary needs. We will gather extensive information regarding your preferences before the retreat.

            What if I don’t want to participate in a scheduled retreat activity?
            Prior to the event we will try to get to know more about you to see if there are certain activities you would prefer to do and not do. From there we build in activities that we feel will best deliver an awesome experience for you and the group. Don’t worry, we don’t do anything weird or extreme. There is built in writing time and there will be fun group activities and experiences that we’ll encourage you to participate in, but it’s always up to you if you want to join.

            Can you help me get published and/or make my book a bestseller?
            At Writers Camp we share our experiences and knowledge, our successes and our setbacks. Some of that knowledge will come from published and bestselling authors. That does not mean that you will walk away with a magic wand. Everyone’s path is different. Instead of focusing on publication and/or bestseller status, we encourage you to tap into your creativity, identify your writing goals moving forward, and focus on connecting with your reader. 

            Is this the same as a writers conference?
            No. Writers Camp is as much about unplugging, relaxing, and experiencing the beauty of a magical place as it is about writing. In addition, Writers Camp is a unique way to experience Mexico - in a small group exploring the hidden gems of Todos Santos as opposed to the typical tourist route. 

            What if I still have questions? 
            Contact us at We'll answer your questions and, if needed, schedule a phone call for further discussion. 
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